4 Crazy-Simple SEO Tips to Boost Your Google Rankings

07 May

Search Engine Optimization is very important when trying to generate search engine hits and rankings throughout the internet. There are several effective tips and tricks such as Google Adwords’ keyword tool, using key words and phrases in your HTML title tag, switch from the typical AP format to a more SEO focused format in the body of your website, link to other great and original content and encourage other providers to link to yours, as well as other effective methods. Here is a brief yet very informative summary of all the former strategies.

1. Using Google Adwords’ keyword tool

Before you start writing your website content or creating your website, you have to find out what the key words are according to your internet niche. The best way to do this is to use Google Adwords keyword tool which provides you the accurate number of searches conducted by Google for those specific keywords. Google Adwords’ keyword tool is a very effective tool when searching for keywords especially since Google is one of the leading search engines of the internet thus has a very wide network of potential visitors and customers to your website if targeted properly. Google’s search based keyword tool will rank the popularity of various key phrases and keywords along with the suggested advertised big prices to ‘buy’ those keywords to advertise with. This shows you which niches drive the most lucrative traffic to your niche and how you could make maximum use of this information.

2. Using Keywords and phrases in your HTML title tags

Once you have found the perfect SEO keywords and phrases, use them in your HTML title tag. This gives search engines the optimum chance to find your website and rate it higher on Google or other search engines.

3. Switch from AP format to a more SEO format

Key phrases and keyword repetition as well as density of the two within website content is very effective in boosting up your SEO format. This will increase the ranking of your website in search engine results. The design and layout of your website must also be to the likings of search engines such as formatting website borders are not preferable by search engines and are not likely to be within the top 10 searches.

4. Link your website to other great and original content

By doing so, you will create a bigger network potential. Great on-page SEO formats may do little to move your page up in rankings within search engines or even have little effect on your website views. To overcome this, you will have to use your social media network both online and offline to promote your site. You can do this by posting in other relevantly related articles and leaving links to your site with a short note on how you have written something similar. Many other readers are very likely to link back to your site in interest. This can also be done in forums and other social networking sites such as Facebook, Bebo, Twitter and Myspace.


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