Facebook’s CEO Talks On Today’s Digital Marketing Evolution

30 Nov

Digital marketing starts with communicating things online. Who could be a better person to tell us about the evolution of digital marketing? No one could explain better than the person himself who has built the most interactive online social platform in the world.  Yes, you guessed it right.  Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg provided some valuable tips for digital marketing.

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Here’s what he said on evolution of digital marketing

None of us can imagine our lives without Facebook. It has become a part of our lives with addiction for making new friends, getting involved in conversations, being social and more. However, the most important thing that we can utilize through Facebook is its ability to easily let the information flow among millions of users and this makes it one of the best digital marketing platforms.

Mark Zuckerberg says, “The most amazing thing I found is people spend hours and they are very much interested to know what’s going around them and that’s what inspired me to get the idea that we can bring something that helps people communicate globally through text.”  He also said that the major part of all of these online platforms is to communicate their brands, businesses, colleges, etc through “text” or to say it more appropriate content. And, all of this inspired me to bring Facebook. Who knew that his one observation could help people connect to the world? He just followed what people wanted and he came up with a service which eventually turned into the biggest and most growing organization in the world.

On asking about how to build your own company and make it succeed in the digital world, Mark said that you need to grow and learn as quickly as possible; create a learning culture around you. And to create an online presence, you need to have more focused engaging content and then bring to people’s eye using social media, search engine optimization, etc.


Don’t just market, but inspire

Once you have come up with your organization, you need to market your company. To do that, always remember that don’t just market your content, but create the one that inspires people. It will help you reach more people organically.


Partner with right people

People who share your passion, and are fighting for the same purposes are the people who will see the changes in you that no other person can see. These are the people who will see the things you missed and will help you fight against them. So, when you are building a team for your idea, for your business, partner with these kinds of people who are willing to impress customers in the same manner as you want to. Hence, partnering with right people will make your team grow.

In the end, I would like to conclude with a very inspiring thing that Zuckerberg said during his discussion over the evolution of digital marketing – in the world changing so quickly, the biggest risk is not taking any risk. So, go ahead, be inspired, and follow your passion.


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