How Keywords play an important role in SEO

06 Nov

A lot of companies these days are hiring Keyword research experts to get perfect SEO based website. We, at IVDM, make sure that you receive a complete and practical Digital Marketing Training with us. In this article, I’ll take you through the importance of keywords in SEO.Keyword Research

Consider any Business in Indore and anywhere in India or else where around the global, all they need is to be on top. And, in the era of digital marketing, Search Engine Optimization is one of the key factors to make it successful. All they need is to be on the top of search results of Google. So, it makes it pretty clear that if you want to become an expert in Digital Marketing, you need to have sound knowledge on SEO. Well, nothing to worry about. IVDM provides completely specialized SEO Training in Indore.

Let’s have a brief look at what our digital marketing training program includes about role of Keywords in SEO.

What is Keyword?

A specific word or set of words that drive traffic to your website based on the search result on Google or any other search engine.

Types of Keywords

  1. Exact Match Keywords

As the name says, these are the keywords that need to match with the exact phrase to get the search results and then direct the user to your website. It is the most difficult type of keywords. Though the traffic generated by exact match keywords is easy to convert for you and the sales you get are more effective.

  1. Broad Match Keywords

These keywords bring more results and the search engine itself presents results generated using variations of keywords typed by the user on search engine. It helps you reach wider audience than exact match keywords.

  1. Phrase Match Keywords

These are the type of keywords lying between the above two types of keywords. Here you get the flexibility to not depend on the exact matches, which is already a rare thing to achieve. Here you get the chance to attract wider audience just like you get through broad match keywords.

Keyword Density

The amount of percentage given by search engines that how often you’re allowed to use keywords in your content.

Keyword Stuffing

If you consider a paragraph in your content, certain English words occur more frequently than others. For instance, “and”, “or”, “if”, “it”, they all occur multiple times while there are some that occur rarely.  Basically, Keyword stuffing is to take a rarely occurring work and repeating it often in your content. It is a technique to drive traffic into your site by using mostly searched keywords excessively in your website. It is a black hat technique of SEO. Though it works better than Keyword density, it is risky technique as you might end being penalized by search engines such as Google.

In our Digital Marketing Institute, you’ll have complete practical exposure on these types of SEO keywords. Understand each type thoroughly and then decide which one would be most suitable to make your website SEO friendly. Our team of SEO experts makes sure that our students receive the effective digital marketing training.


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