How To Get Certification In Google Adwords – A Step By Step Guide

06 Jun

Adwords is an advertising service which is offered by Google to businesses looking for displaying their ads on Google. It facilitates in the promotion of business, raises awareness of your product, increases your website traffic and further contributes in selling more products and services. To learn and run effective Google AdWords Training you can join IVDM.  Google AdWords campaign demands for a budget, however, there is no minimum limit for it. You have to set your budget according to your needs and amount you are ready to invest in advertising and marketing campaign.

Here we are discussing all the steps which you need to follow to get Google Adwords Certification:

1)  Make your Google account

The very first step you need to follow is create your Google account if you do not have. And if you have multiple accounts select the one you want to use for this purpose. If you are professional or works for some company then you can prefer to use your work email account else you can also use your personal account.

2)  Join Google partners

Make sure you have signed out with other Google accounts as it will create confusion and problems while signing in to your account and performing other activities. Visit the link: “” in your account in click on join Google partner tab. Once you agree to all the terms and condition you will become eligible to join Google partners.

3) Complete your full profile

The profile which you have created is your individual profile and this will be tied to your certification. After joining Google partners you need to fill some information of yours which Google does not have at present.

Another way to do so is looking for company in Google partner’s directory and request to get formally affiliated. If you wish to follow this step then you have to submit an affiliation request. Once you submit this request, administrator to your company Google partner account will verify it.

4) Start preparing for the exam

Google offers you both education info and academy content. Start exploring for available sources of information and prepare for exam. You should explore sample questions modules as well. At least four hours will be required to go through the entire process of video, written content and clear the sample questions for each of the module. Even if you know about AdWords and have managed campaign before then also you should go through these modules first. These sample questions are really helpful and facilitates in gaining of a quick overview of how actual exam is going to be. Unless you have a very good reason for skipping these sample questions don’t do so.

5) Clear fundamental exam

In order to become Google certified in AdWords, you will have to clear its fundamental exam along with one additional exam. This additional exam includes search, video, display, mobile and shopping. You need to clear any of this additional exam along with fundamental exam to become certified in Google AdWords.

Google AdWords certification is often a requirement if you want to get hired in a particular company. You can join Digital Marketing Institute in Indore for learning different Digital Marketing practices in a better way.


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