Quick Tip to Create Your First Business Website

17 Nov

If you haven’t started to bring your business online, you should do it now. Setting your foot in the right direction brings you closer to success. Here I will take you through some crucial steps for designing your business website according to the industry’s latest standards. These tips are extracted from our digital marketing classes in Indore wherein one of our training experts with an experience of almost 8 years in this field analyzed various aspects and came up with these best practices and latest website design standards.

Let’s get started with your first business website

1. Create Response Website Design

Nowadays, a lot of digital devices have been launched and so is their usage. People prefer to use mobile and tablets over laptops in most cases. Keep in mind to design a website following mobile-first approach, so that the website is fully responsive to all kind of devices and is especially, mobile-friendly.

Place Elements Appropriately

Though you can place any element anywhere, but there is a standard format for placing all the elements such as logo, tabs, social media icons etc.

  1. Place the logo on top left corner such that it draws attention as it is the brand identity of your business.
  2. Colorful social media icons in the footer attract people to navigate on them. Social Media is now a powerful marketing tool to turn your small business into a big brand.
  3. Always make sure that the top navigation bar/menu bar, which includes home, about us, contact us and more menu items, is placed on the top section.
  4. You can place Contact either on bottom right corner or top right corner according to the convenience and design. Both places are correct according to standards.
  5. To search anything we always look on the top front rather than bottom, so make sure to place search bar on the top.

2. Make it SEO Friendly

SEO friendly Website

The ultimate aim of any website is to attract customers when they search about your website in search engine such as Google. You need to have SEO friendly content on your website such that it always comes on the top rank of Google and it all depends on choosing the right keywords.

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3. Speed is Must

In this fast growing world, you need to have a faster website with clear and concise message on your website. Improve the performance and responsiveness of your website such that the loading time is reduced as much as possible. Speed is the most important factor to bring traffic on your website.

Webpage loading speed

Image Source: Google Page Speed Test

4. Attract Customers

Mouth publicity is the best thing when it comes to growing a business. And website is one of the important factors that can make or break your customer’s interest. Create a section on your website for testimonials and make sure to have some real piece of advice or review about your work from your existing clients and employees.

Provide your customers with a reason to return on your website again with catchy headlines, precise content and following all above website design tips given by the experts from one of the best institutes for digital marketing. If you need any more help in growing your business website, you can either enroll at our digital marketing institute or you can simply contact us for more tips.




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