What is the new feature of time-tracking introduced by Facebook and Instagram all about?

27 Nov

Social Media Platforms like Facebook and Instagram are a part of everybody’s life nowadays and people spend time on such platforms for various purposes. But while doing so do you even realize how much time you are actually spending by looking on these apps? It might appear to be like in a day you have spent around one hour or so on social media, however, this is not true. If you will actually collect the data of time you spend every time you open the app to chat with someone, look for a new place or any other reason you will get to know you are spending much more time on it than you actually think.

Well not to worry anymore, to help people in spending time on such social media apps in a healthy way Facebook and Instagram have introduced a new feature of time-tracking using which people can easily manage and track the time they spend on social media platforms.


Facebook's time-tracking feature

Facebook’s time-tracking feature

How to access this tool?

• For accessing the time-tracking feature on Instagram you are required to select “your activity” and on Facebook select “Your Time on Facebook”.

• You will find a dashboard at the top having details about the time of the usage of that particular app on the device being used.

• Now tap on any of the bar to find out the information about the total time you have spent in using the app in that particular day.

• If you want you can also set reminders to remind you that you have already spent the required amount of time using the app. You can easily make changes in the reminders whenever required.

• Another interesting thing you can do when you just want to concentrate on something is mute the notifications for some time. For this go to notification settings.


Instagram's time-tracking feature

Instagram’s time-tracking feature


Goals of introducing this new feature with Facebook and Instagram

• Facebook and Instagram have come up with this new feature to encourage more users to use these platforms but in a healthy way.

• Allow people to have full control over the time they spend on using social media apps.

Facebook and Instagram have introduced many other features in past as well to provide its users with better experience. This new feature will help you to have control on time you spend on these apps and you will get a notification once you cross the time limit set by you. However, it cannot stop you from using the app it can just notify you. Now it is on you to stop using the app once you reach your time limit and start making use of these apps in a healthy way.

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