Who Are Among Top 10 Indian Bloggers And Their Earnings?

27 Jun

These days people are earning really well through blogging. A blogger is a normal person like any of us who is making good money which is even higher than what can be earned through many of the other leading professions. The most interesting part here is you do not need to make any huge investment to start with it. All you need is a system and internet. To learn more about Blogging and how to earn through it, you can also join a leading Digital Marketing Institute in Indore.

Check out the list of top 10 bloggers and their earnings

1) Faisal Farooqui

He is an entrepreneur and founder of a popular site mouthshut.com. This site is not particularly a blogging site. It is more related to consumer research and services related web portal. Faisal Farooqui did his graduation from the University of New York. His website mouth shut is definitely a huge success at present date. He is capable to earn millions of dollar every year through it. It is like a small scale company with limited professionals in the team.  The annual income of the company is estimated to be $2-$3 million. The company generates this much revenue through different ads placements, performing affiliate sales, and premium memberships.

2) Harsh Agarwal

He is among popular young bloggers of India. In the year 2008, he started his blog shout me loud. Before that he used to work for a software company. To start blogging he decided to quit his job. In his blogs, one can find all interesting and useful stuff related to word press, SEO, social media, blogging, affiliate marketing, web hosting and other popular trending topics related to digital marketing. From 2008 to present date the blog is having really good numbers of visitors on it. Apart from this blog Harsh also has other blogs as well belonging to different niches. Details of his personal blogs can be found on DenHarsh.com. His estimated earning in June 2012 was more than $6000. Through his online blog, he is able to earn thousands of dollars every month. On his website, all information related to his earnings is shared.

3) Amit Bhawani

He started with blogging in the year 2005 but however did not succeeded at that time. In the year 2007 he started with his blog amitbhawani.com and it was recognized by Google panda in the year 2009. On his blog, an average number of visitors per day were 35000. He used to write technical stuff related to different cell phones, tablets and all the information related to different technologies. For technology, niche is blog was very popular. His famous blogs also include AdroidAdvice.com. His estimated earnings in 2010 were $25000 per month. He is not into blogging anymore and started with a company in Hyderabad which offers different useful digital marketing solutions.

4) Amit Agarwal

For technology niche, he is also among the most popular blogger. He is an IITian. Till 2004 he used to work in the USA. He decided to quit his job and start with a tech blog and named it Labnol. Just after the initial few months after the launching of the blog, it became really popular. One won’t believe that in few months he started earning almost INR 10,00,000 per month. Yes, this is something really big to achieve in just a few months. His estimated earnings now are $60000 per month. He is earning this much with the help of paid advertisements, affiliate marketing, ad sense etc. He is also a regular speaker in conferences related to technology and blogging.

5) S.Pradeep Kumar

He is the founder and owner of a very famous blog HellBoundBloggers.com. His blogs cover the topics like social media marketing, SEO, technology, WordPress. On his blog, he gets thousands of visitors from the world. His blog story is similar to any regular blog, thinking of a unique blog name, registering its domain, and posting of unique content on it. Initially, he had no idea that through his unique blog posts he can earn money as well. With time he learned that through blogging he can earn good money as well and started working on it more seriously. His estimated earnings are $4-5 thousand per month. Making use of paid ads, affiliate marketing and more he is earning thousands of dollars every month.

6) Jaspal Singh

He runs a popular blog savedelete.com. Jaspal Singh is a mechanical engineer. He is among popular Indian bloggers and writes for technology niche. On his blogs information related to technology news, internet, different software can be found. He is a true inspiration for young bloggers. He is from Jaipur and is very much interested in technologies. His deep interest in this field has motivated him to write about it. He writes about SEO, web hosting, digital marketing, and more. His estimated earnings are $3-4 thousand.

7) Rahul Bansal

He is an Indian blogger and lives in Pune. He did M.tech in computers. At present, he is a very popular blogger and an entrepreneur as well. His blog is known as devils workshop. In the year 2006, he started with his blog and he writes for technology niche. Few bloggers have also joined him and writes for him. His estimated earnings are $3-$4 per month. By making use of popular digital marketing mediums like paid ads, affiliate marketing, advertisements he is earning good money.

8) Arun Prabhu-Desai

Arun is a famous blogger from Pune. He started with his blog in the year 2007. His blog is known as Trak.in. He writes for technology and business niches. On his blog information on topics like a stock market, different startups, financial market news, and technology news can be found. Earlier he used to live in the USA. He is really passionate about photography as well. His estimated earnings are $3-4 thousand per month. He is among leading entrepreneurs as well. He prefers to read content shared by other leading bloggers.

9) Srinivas Tamada

He is from Chennai. Initially, he started with a Google Blogger in the year 2008. Later in 2009, he started with his custom blog 9lessons.info. His blog is all about different programming languages and topics related to web designing. People with a technical background are more interested in reading his blogs. He has never shared his earning anywhere. It is believed he earns somewhere between $4-7 thousands per month by making use of different channels like affiliate marketing, ad sense etc.

10) Raju PP

He is from Bangalore and is the founder of a very popular technical blog techpp.com. He is an electronic engineer and used to work for Infosys. He launched his blog in the year 2008. On his blog, information on web applications, different technologies, online tools can be found. Through his blogs, he is able to earn $3-4 thousand every month. He also takes active participation in seminars and conferences related to technology. Also, he is a speaker in many of them.

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