You Must Be Aware of Social Media Updates 2017

03 Oct

If you are into digital marketing, you must be aware of the current social media trends. Having said that, there is a lot changing in this dynamic world every year, every month, every day, and even every hour. It is practically not possible to be updated hourly, but then if you want to walk hand in hand with success in this digital world, you need to keep up.

Here in this post we will cover some updates of the most prominent social media sites that you must be aware of, being a digital marketer.


Tool to combat fake news

Well, whenever you post a content that is fake, Facebook will warn you with a  red signal sign. If you ignore the warning and still post the fake content, it shows a red alert sign directly below the post.

See the picture below for more clarity.

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Cover videos

Now, Facebook cover not only allows images but creative videos as well. That said, you can use Facebook to market your business more effectively.

Facebook’s Lumos Artificial Intelligence Tool

The “search now” tool of Facebook designed by Facebook’s Artificial Intelligence team can recognize content from the images and return results accordingly. This tool was originally named as “Lumos”, created as the sole purpose of helping visually impaired users. Later, Facebook launched it as a global visual search system.


If you log in to LinkedIn right now, you will not only see its clean appearance but there are also some important features:


Yes, you heard it right! Our only professional social networking site has come up with Hashtag features just like Instagram. In fact, these hashtags have created more visibility on the platform. It has become quite easy to connect with well-known professionals into the field you are working on. If taken seriously, these hashtags can help you a lot to learn and grow your career.


New Profile Design

Even Forbes, recently mentioned that the new profile design feature is a great way to attract more people and appreciation to your profile. And as a digital marketer, that’s all you need – building up good contacts. So go ahead and design a eye catching yet elegant profile

Safe DM’s

If you receive direct messages from the people you are not connected to, LinkedIn provides with an option to either accept or reject the message. Even, the user can report an inappropriate message as well.


                         “Moment” feature

If you are a Twitter user, you must be aware about the “Moment” feature introduced by twitter. It allows a user to see all the related tweets from millions of users at one single place. As a digital marketer, you can easily connect with your target audience and get discovered using shareable tweet of your own or of others as a narrative.

As we mentioned, the digital world is dynamic. So, stay posted for more digital marketing updates.



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