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Looking for learn basic web development HTML & CSS Training Courses in Indore? So, here you are at right place. This course is designed for those who are seeking to gain a clear understanding of basic HTML and CSS in order to work as front-end web developers. HTML & CSS represents the basic languages at the core of the web, acting as the foundation of front-end development.

This HTML and CSS course is divided into 2 lessons, including:

  • What is a Website?
  • What a Web Page Contains?
  • Naming Conventions for Files and Folders
  • What is HTML?/li>
  • Tags and Attributes of HTML
  • What is HTML5?
  • Differences between HTML5 and HTML
  • How to Organize a HTML5 Website’s Files, Folders, and Code?
  • Introduction and Creating Content with HTML5
  • HTML5 Values and Units
  • What is the Common HTML5 Structure for a Web Page?
  • What is a HEAD Element of HTML5?
  • Text Structuring Essentials in HTML5
  • Introducing to Semantic Structure in HTML5
  • Character Formatting Essentials in HTML5
  • Lists in HTML5
  • Links in HTML5
  • Tables in HTML5
  • Forms in HTML5
  • Colors and Images in HTML5
  • Multimedia Elements like Video and Audio in HTML5
  • How to Deal with Special Characters in HTML5?
  • HTML5 Tips and Tricks

Cascading Styling Sheets

  • CSS3 Basics
  • Style Definitions in CSS3
  • CSS3 Values and Units
  • CSS3 Inheritance and Cascading
  • Font Properties in CSS3
  • Padding, Margins, and Borders in CSS3
  • Colors and Background in CSS3
  • CSS3 Layouts with Floating and Positioning
  • Tips to Create Advanced User Interface Styles Using CSS3
  • CSS3 Tips and Tricks
  • Dynamic HTML5 with CSS3
  • Media Styles and Defining Documents for Printing in CSS3

Best Reasons to Join our HTML & CSS Training Course!

  • Certification after Completion of Course.
  • Training will be conducted by certified and well experienced professionals.
  • Our classrooms are fully geared up with projectors & Wi-Fi access.
  • Practical Training on Live Projects.
  • Practical Training on Live Projects.
  • Training will be conducted on daily & weekly basis and also we can customize the training schedule as per the candidate requirements.
  • We provide video recording tutorials of the training sessions, so in case if candidate missed any class he/she can utilize those video tutorials.

If you would like to know more information about our HTML & CSS Training courses, please contact us on +91 9069434109, or just fill up the form below, we will reply back to you soon.

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