Leads are defined as prospective consumers who visit your website, Ad Campaign & get interested in your products or services and voluntarily provide their contact information.

    Lead generation is the collaborative process of tempting strangers to your site, warming them up as potential customer, and getting them to spend on your products or services in order to boost your conversion rates.

    Lead generation strategies are broadly segmented into Outbound Lead Generation and Inbound Lead Generation. Outbound Lead Generation strategies majorly includes Display Ads, Pay-per-Click Ads, Content Syndication, Direct Mail Advertisements, Event Marketing & Inbound Lead Generation strategies include Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, SEO, Website Optimization, Email Marketing.

    In this course module, you’ll learn Online Lead Generation techniques & strategy which will help you to generate more & more leads for any products & services, Tracking & Measuring ROI (Return on Investment) of Online Advertisement.

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